Fresh is simultaneously a seau à glace, a cooler and an innovative thermal stabilizer for wines that works with the simple ice (cubes or chips) thanks to a patented system that keeps for a long period of time the right of the wine serving temperature, so that it remain constant for the duration of the tasting.

Through Fresh, the sommelier manages to lock the temperature of a wine for the entire duration of its consumption without having to immerse the bottle in the ice. In fact, to this day whenever you want to drink you have to obtain a towel to limit the inevitable dripping wet bottle. Thanks to our idea, this problem is resolved in a clean and elegant way by separating the ice from the bottle through an aluminum cover, a material with a very high thermal conductivity, which allows the cold generated by the ice to be transmitted to the bottle without the elements ( ice and bottle) have any contact.

Another feature of Fresh is its slope which not only furnish a very attractive design, has been created in such a way that, after serving the wine, the bottle in the container can slide easily on the aluminum wall to the starting position. Finally, Fresh is made of transparent material in order to make more visible the bottle and it stà tasting.